Hi – I’m Tim Keelan. 

This blog will share research, learning, musings and of course stories – about storytelling – in life and business. For me this is continuing the pursuit of a passion, a journey, an investigation – and an effort to be honest.

The journey is one I started years ago after a birthday present for my brother became a business.  With StoryQuest I got the opportunity to interview people from all over the world sharing stories of their work and selling – told in their own voices. I have always loved the sound of an honest voice. For me, beyond what some one says – it is the tone, intent and authenticity of voice that helps me understand and believe – or call BS.

It will also be an investigation. I don’t just want to share what I believe. The goal is to challenge the belief, learn from you, and add a bit of value. The reality is that lots of people, often distrust stories particularly when shared companies and sales people. And while we all tell stories – many of us lack skills, craft and confidence in the act of storytelling. I will share new and proven approaches to learn and tell stories you lived – or as is more often the case in business – are about other people, moments and products.

The honesty is a pledge to you and myself. Their is nothing for sale here. While happy to chat and help individuals and companies with storytelling – there are no products or services sold on this site. More importantly, I want to challenge and test presumed truths, stats and studies.